Our Attorney Fees

When it comes to paying for your lawyer, we offer several options for you and your budget. Many factors contribute to determining an attorney’s fee in any legal matter. At Krum, Gergely, & Oates, LLC, the complexity of your case is the factor that most significantly affects the fee.

Option One: fixed (or flat) fees.

Our primary fee model provides for fixed fees, allowing clients to lock in a fixed fee price for legal matter. In a fixed fee case, we do work in stages for a set price - your case will not cost you more and it will not cost you less. You will not have to worry about monthly invoices or hourly billing in increments. This makes the fee arrangement much more beneficial and stress-free for you.

Why do we use fixed fees?

  1. Fixed fees bring the client certainty.

  2. Fixed fees shift the risk to the attorney.

  3. Fixed fees align the objectives of the attorney and the client.

  4. Fixed fees encourage results and efficiency.

Option Two: hourly billing.

If you would rather use a more traditional billing model, we also offer hourly billing. Hourly billing arrangements include depositing an advanced fee or “retainer” into a trust account for the attorney to bill against at a set hourly rate. When the trust reaches a certain amount, the client is expected to put more money into the account.

In practice, each person who touches your case tracks every minute they spend talking to you, reading your emails, opening mail related to your case, drafting, researching, setting up your file, etc. You then receive periodic invoices telling you exactly what your attorney and the firm have done on your case. There is no cap and there is no guarantee of results.

Option Three: pay as you go.

In very limited cases, we offer “pay as you go” billing, where an advance fee or retainer is not required. Work is performed at a set hourly rate; however, there is no requirement that funds be deposited in advance to a trust account.

How to save money.

Whether we handle your case on a flat fee or hourly basis, there are ways you can save money on fees and costs.

First, determine your goals and objectives. Think about the issues that must be resolved in your case, and consider the range of outcomes for each issue, including your best case, worst case, and the happy medium you can live with.

Second, gather your resources. Once you have a practical idea of the issues you will be addressing, you can begin gathering your resources. Gathering your resources refers to both financial and emotional resources. Deliver to your attorney a complete set of the documents they have requested in an organized and easy-to-understand format. It will be much less expensive than paying an attorney to organize your documents.

Consider how much you are willing to spend to achieve your objectives. Do a cost-benefit analysis associated with your best case and worst case scenarios regarding the issues you have outlined.

Be disciplined in your communication. Resist the urge to email or call your attorney every time you have a legal itch. Instead, keep a journal of your thoughts and questions and put together a thorough email once a week of everything that you consider important. Alternatively, schedule a meeting to go over your questions with your attorney.

Remember your objectives!

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