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At Wayside Legal, we have spoken to many clients who talked of steep billable pricing options offered by other law firms that ultimately proved to be too pricey to be workable. We are proud to say that we use a different system at our North Bethesda family law and elder law firm that is far friendlier on our clients’ pocketbooks. For most of the cases that we handle, we provide a flat fee billing service that tells our clients exactly how much it will cost upfront and with no surprise costs — ever.

Since every client is different, every case is different as well. Before we can guarantee that your case is eligible for our flat fee service pricing, we would like to speak with you during an initial consultation, during which we can learn more about you, your case details, and your goals. We will work closely with you to create a payment schedule that works for you, which generally includes flat fees, not a billable hour payment method. We are also willing to consider extended payment schedules, credit card payments, and legal financing. The bottom line is we are flexible and truly put your best interests first, rather than our own paychecks.

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If you were to walk into basically any other family law firm in Montgomery County, they would probably tell you that they use a billable hour system to collect payments from clients. “Billable hours” are tracked in 6-minute intervals, meaning there will be 10 tallies in an hour. A law firm that uses billable hours charges a certain amount of money per tally. Since there will be more tallies in a case that drags on and on, the billable hour system actually encourages attorneys to work slowly, create conflict, and generally be inefficient. This is absolutely against our principles at Wayside Legal.

Do not subject yourself and your wallet to the outdated billable hour system. Come to our North Bethesda and Rockville attorneys at Wayside Legal and get honest, trustworthy, and compassionate legal counsel at a price you agree upon before signing anything.

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