Can the Court Give My Spouse All of My Assets in a Divorce? - Celebrity Breakups

Some states are community property states, meaning that property acquired during the marriage is shared equally upon divorce. Most states, however, have some form of equitable distribution, meaning that marital property is divided according to what the court thinks is fair. Conceivably, the court has the authority to give all of the property to the other spouse. But it needs to be equitable.

Serving Someone With Legal Documents When You Can't Find Them

Due process requires that each party in a legal proceeding have notice of any claims asserted against them. Service by publication is a method of serving someone through publishing an ad in a local newspaper when their location cannot be found.

Will the Court Reject My Request for a Divorce? - Celebrity Breakups

For an uncontested divorce, meaning all your issues are resolved and you just need the court to grant you a divorce, you still need to file all the right things and prove to the court that you are entitled to a divorce. Some people, including celebrities Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett, get this all wrong.

The Basics of Jewish Divorce

Divorce is complicated; Jewish divorce is even more so. Under Jewish law, a marriage is ended through a special divorce ceremony, whereby the husband gives the wife a divorce document known as a “get.” The get is written by a scribe and is given in the presence of two witnesses and under the guidance of a Jewish court called the beit din.